Eurosim travel SIM Card
Eurosim travel - offers an innovative international mobile communication service, which enables the users to save significantly on calls during international leisure and business trips owing to advantageous outgoing call rates and free-of-charge incoming calls in many countries of the world. We also offer the service of sending and receiving text messages at both standard and special rates.
All our clients enjoy the roaming and the mobile Internet services. This service will be most fully appreciated by the owners of smartphones and media tablets since the billing step is only 1 Kbyte.



The service includes the following possibilities:


      Making and receiving calls in roaming in 174 countries;

      Outgoing calls in roaming are from 0.19 USD/min.
      Receiving free-of-charge calls in 131 countries (see Rates and discount plans);

      Mobile Internet is only from 0,09 USD/1MB (see Rates and discount plans);
      Sending and receiving text messages (SMS);
      Making intra-network calls (from one Eurosim travel card to another) from 0.19 USD/min;
      Special Eurorates are active on every Eurosim travel SIM card;
      Use a convenient mobile number with the international area code +371;
      Manage the number display;
      Use the service with zero subscription fee and connection fee;
      Real-time call and billing statistics through the Personal Cabinet;
      Unlimited period of validity of the card (upon fulfilment of a set of conditions);
      Assign your current number to the Eurosim travel card;

      Make SIP calls in Wi-Fi areas;
      The service can be paid via Internet by using such credit cards as Visa/MasterCard.



We accept VISA/MasterCard