We are an actively developing company and currently we are searching for partners in South and North American Regions, Europe, Asia and Oceania.


We offer partnership to: 

    Travel agencies
    Tour operators
    Air companies
    Cell phone stores
    Online stores
    Payment systems
    Hotel and car rental brokers


We offer our potential partners to extend their business framework and gain additional income by offering their customers an additional product with our brand or the brand of a partner. We provide our partners with turnkey instruments for the fastest possible entrance on the market:

A web interface providing the following possibilities: 

    Managing the cards
    Managing the balances
    Managing sub-dealers
    generating PIN codes for replenishment
    using the cards with your brand
    viewing cash flow statistics
    monitoring active calls
    a speed support panel
    White Label web interface
    reprogramming the SIM cards to any your needs
    a possibility of using a plan with bulk rates if you are an operator
    all the card usage statistics in real-time mode with figures and charts
    a possibility of using our capabilities as a roaming broker for your numbering scheme and your current mobile phone subscribers
    a flexible XML API interface if you want to integrate our system in your portal
    a possibility of updating a SIM card’s microprogram using the OTA (“Over-the-Air”) technology


 And, of course, we provide the complete training with regard to the service and the continuous technical support.


Please contact our partnership department:


Phone:  (+371) 22200999
We accept VISA/MasterCard