Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I not able to make a call after I have activated the Eurosim travel card?

Most probably, you are using a telephone of a range of smartphones (HTC Desire, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, BlackBerry and etc.), requiring a separate activation of the Eurosim card. For this purpose, go to the following menu in your smartphone: Menu > SIM Menu > Settings > Activate Service, then dial the code 1221 in the Enter Service Code field and press OK.

A repeated entering of the code 1221 returns the Eurosim card in the regular telephone mode.

How is the cost of the incoming and the outgoing calls rated?

Specific rates apply to both the incoming and the outgoing calls. Any incoming call, at any time and regardless of where you have received the call from, will be rated by the incoming call rate for the country, in which you are receiving that call.

The cost of an outgoing call from the country of your stay doesn't depend on the destination of the call: it is not important, whether you are making a local call in the country you are currently staying in or an international call to any other country of the world, your call will be rated by the outgoing call rate for the country, from which you are calling.

In which countries of the European Union does the card work?

A Eurosim travel SIM cards work in all European Union countries.

How many numbers one card may be assigned?

A Eurosim travel card may be assigned up to 4 additional numbers of any countries.

Which numbers may be assigned to a Eurosim travel card?

Any mobile network operator numbers may be assigned to a Eurosim travel card. This is made for the convenience of our clients, who can make calls on an international trip with a Eurosim travel card and show their number to the recipient of the call.

What purposes is the Eurosim travel service designed for?

Eurosim travel is a mobile communication service that provides various benefits during an international trip, such as the following:
  • Communication expense optimization, short text message transfer during international trips.
  • Mobile Internet (3G/GPRS) during international trips.
  • A convenient user interface.
  • Free technical support 24/7.
  • Assign up to 4 numbers to one SIM card.

Which additional possibilities does the card offer?

For the convenience of our clients, each Eurosim tavel SIM card is equipped with the special SIM Menu, which facilitates the usage of the service and provides an easy access to the additional information:
  • Additional Services – the additional services of Eurosim travel.
  • Check Balance – checking the current balance.
  • Add Airtime – replenishing the balance by entering the corresponding code.
  • Check Rate – call cost request (the number must be entered).
  • Show My Numbers – shows number (-s) assigned to the SIM card.
  • Send SMS – sending text messages at the special rate.
  • Settings – system menu, through which the technical support service can be contacted.

At which moment does the charging start?

The charging starts at the moment, when the called subscriber has answered the call.

Why are Eurosim travel card so advantageous? What's the catch?

The company Eurosim travel specializes only in international destinations, which allows it offering its clients advantageous conditions for using the Eurosim travel cards on international trips.

How are the text messages rated?

Text message rating:
  • The cost of an outgoing text message is rated according to the table of the rates.
  • The incoming text messages are free of charge.
  • The cost of sending a text message to a Eurosim travel subscriber from the company website is free of charge (up to 5 messages per day to one number).
  • The cost of sending a text message from the service menu SIM Menu is 0.10 USD per message.

How can I check the balance on the SIM card?

Go to the SIM Menu in your phone and select the Check Balance option. Your current balance will be displayed on the phone screen. Checking the balance is free of charge.

How can I make a call using the Eurosim travel card?

The golden rule is: always dial the number with the international code regardless of which country you stay in and which country you call. Dial the number of a subscriber in the international format: the country code, the area code, and the phone number. Press the Call button. The Wait for Call message, as well as the information window with the current balance, will appear on the phone screen. In a few seconds, you will receive an incoming call. Press the Call button. Wait for the conversation partner’s answer and enjoy your conversation!


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